Under this heading you will find explanations and graphical representations of the light body (Aura), the energy system (Chakras and connections) and their functioning of a human being.

Please note that the images and colors of the illustrations are an example only and don't correspond to reality. This would be impossible as our light body is constantly in motion, depending on the individual person and their current mood.

It's possible to make a snapshot of a part of the Aura with the help of Kirlian photography (high voltage photography).

Examples are:

  • A child hits the head, the mother puts her hand on the aching place giving energy.
  • A child cuts the fingers, the father breathes on the injured finger giving energy.
  • You have abdominal pain, you put your hand on the abdomen giving or cleaning energy.
  • Your head is heavy (full), you support your head with your hands and giving energy.
  • You have burned your hand, you shake your hand to release excessive energy.
  • You are tense (overloaded), you shake your extremities to improve the energy flow.

    With all these acts we instinctively help the physical body on energy level.
    There is constant interaction between the light bodies, the material body and the environment.
    This means that a violation of the material body affects the energy bodies, which radiate to the environment and vice versa. Therefore a healing process should always be a holistic therapy (body-spirit-soul) involving also the environment.
    Furthermore, this demonstrates that an energy healer, natural healer doesn't replace a doctor, but also a doctor should consider alternative healing methods and take them into account.

    However the most important thing is, that the injured or sick person takes over the self-responsibility and desires the healing process (recovery process, changing process). If this isn't the case, maybe a wound might be healed, but it will open again or be manifested in another way.

    Everyone keeps getting all the important information from his material body (organs) and its light bodies.
    It isn't necessary to see energies and forms of energies. Rather, it's important to listen to the feelings (information), instead of ignoring them.

    This starts by respecting physical sensations:

  • If something doesn't smell good, there is something wrong.
  • If something does not taste good, we should not eat or drink it.
  • If we don't like something, then it's not the right thing.
  • If something feels uncomfortable, then it does not fit to us.

    These perceptions are always just a current snapshot that may change, but must not change.
    If a person doesn't respect those feelings, then one can turn oneself sick on energy and/or physical level and radiates everything to ones environment.
    With the help of our energy body we also sense how other people feel, or if a person fits to us or not (in this moment!).