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Here you'll find information concerning Spiritual Healing, Pranic Healing and Energy Healing in general. It is one of the oldest and most natural methods to clean the energetic bodies of the human being, to be One (body-spirit-soul) and healthy again.

There is no human without spirit and everyone can use it unlimited. This means everybody is capable for his health, his welfare or is able to contribute to its cure.

The published articles under "Spirit" are personal awareness that helped me to get a new consciousness and gave my life new sense(s).
I want to point out that the spirituality in these texts has nothing to do with any religion, creed or other organization.

Under "Healing" you'll receive an overview over types of energy healing, the life of energy bodies and the energy system of a human being.

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Gerald Rossbach

Nobody can heal you, but Everybody can help you with!

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